Watching the Tour in Dubai

We love the Tour de France, with all its strategies, planning, drama, agony and of course the victories.  Unfortunately watching it here in Dubai is not always as straight-forward as you could wish for.  However there are some options, a few of which may be a little dodgy, but our job is to inform, so here is a list of the possibilities.

  • Watch it live at some of our cycle dealers, like Revolution Cycles or Cycle Bistro in Motor City, not to mention Wolfi’s on the SZR
  • VPN hooked up to the UK, watch it on ITV player
  • VPN to watch Europsort with Sean Kelly’s commentary
  • ITV4 via the FilmOn TV app
  • beIN sports on OSN

Ahh, but you have no time to watch the day’s racing unfold, then the ITV4 highlights are arguably one of the best options, watch the previous day’s racing in 30-40 minutes, while you have your weetabix, available at Cyclingtorrentstdf












2 thoughts on “Watching the Tour in Dubai”

  1. Bein Sports does not have English & French coverage as far as I’m aware. They are hot and cold on the idea. Whilst their coverage of cycling is probably above average, their use of multi-language features is not I’m afraid. Whilst some of the Giro was aired in English on occasions and as you rightly stated, in French and even Spanish on most days, those extra channels are removed during summer with the result being no coverage of the Tour in English. I’ve emailed them many times to ask why but so far have never received even a reply let alone an explanation. Any chance you giving them a nudge to ask why???

    1. Hmmm, can’t say I am surprised, especially you not getting an explanation, that would be surprising. Such a shame we have to go to devious means to get to watch such a big well broadcast event

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