Adjustment of the gears

Nothing worse than riding along on your 30,000 AED carbon dream, with a clanking chain and poorly shifting gearset.  Adjusting your gears on a road bike, seems like black magic until you have done it a few times, then all of a sudden you wonder what all the fuss is.

Before you try to adjust the derailleur, a large percentage of gear shiting problems on the rear mech are down to cable stretch, especially when the bike is new.  Try tweaking the cable adjuster a turn or two ant-clockwise, to see if it improves the shifting, remember how many thurns you have given it, as it is always good to go back to where you started.

The front generally needs less looking after than the rear, but can still suffer the same cable stretch, so again try tightening the cable a couple of notches on the barrel adjuster (usually up near the handlebars)

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