Dubai has some really good places to take your bike to get serviced or fixed, Revolution, Wolfies and Adventure HQ to name a few.  however there is a cost and time inconvenience factor of having to book it in, take it to the shop, then pick it up when serviced.

As a big believer in self-help, most of the the service needs for a bike, can be easily learned.  Youtube is truly an amazing resource for this, as there are some truly informative video’s on how to service and repair your bike.

Here are a list of some of the most useful, along with some comments.  If you have any mechanical aptitude, we would recommend you give it a go, as it is amazing how liberating it is when you can register your own gears, or take apart your bottom bracket to solve a squeak.

  • Building your mail order bike from a box
  • Fixing a puncture
  • Adjusting your rear derailleur and registering your gears.
  • Cain maintenance and replacement
  • Adjusting your headset and stem
  • Solving squeaks and rattles


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