15 Creative Ways to Hang Up Your Bike

Love to ride your bicycle, but never know where to put it when you get home? Perhaps you leave it in the hallway and have to fumble with it just to get to your closet, or maybe you lock it up outside your apartment with the constant worry that it might get stolen? Well, as it turns out, your gorgeous bike is more than ready to double as wall art, and these 15 bike racks will help you get it done.  Continue reading 15 Creative Ways to Hang Up Your Bike

Hello from Dubai Cyclist

Welcome to a new blog on cycling in Dubai for the amateur or aspiring new road cyclist.  Just being created, but lots of content will be added on getting started, buying a bike and kit, joining groups and where to ride.  We will also do an overview of the local dealers and how to keep your cycling costs to the minimum.

If you are an avid cyclist and wish to help us with the blog, please get in contact and send us your stories, tips and info.