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Once you have decided what your budget is and what spec bike you plan to buy, there are a few essentials needed to get started.  These include clip-less pedals and shoes, which clip you onto the pedal to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce chance of knee injury.  Great article here on Bike Radar to explain it all

Shimano SPD MTB pedals, cleats and shoes
Shimano SDP-L road pedals and shoes
Shimano SDP-L road pedals and shoes

There are two main kinds of pedals, the Shimano SPD Mountain Bike pedals, that allow you to walk in the associated shoes and the more road orientated Shimano SPD-L pedals that have a bigger cleat on the sole, which are not great for walking in.
Each has it’s merits, but SPD shoes and pedals are great for touring and holidays.  Using SPD-L cleats, these are examples of reasonably priced road shoes and pedals.
  • R540-road-pedals are reasonably priced and work well.
  • Shoes something like these Shimano R088’s, make sure you have tried the shoes on somewhere before you order online!


Looking for some reasonably priced kit to get you started, yes you do need Lycra, forget the howls of mirth from your not so fit friends about being a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man/Maid in Lycra) after all what’s the option the lets do Brunch GALFY (Getting a Lot Fatter Every Year).  One way to kitt two birds with one stone, is to join one one of the Dubai cycling groups or clubs, like CSD, Roadsters, Vixens or EKRCC.  Along with the membership they usually supply a full set of Bib Shorts and Jersey, designed for our hot climates.  Some of them even look nice as well.  Just a shame Vixens won’t have me 🙁

SHORTS – DO NOT go cheap on padded shorts, quality ones like Gore Bike Wear are a must.  Read this guide to understand the options any how much it matters

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