2 thoughts on “Cyclists aim to request permit after Dubai road ban”

  1. Where can we get an actual copy of this resolution. I am a bit confused whether I can or cannot cycle in a road with a speed limit sign that says 60kph.

    Also, let’s say that a certain road has a higher than 60kph speed limit and there is no dedicated bike lane, does it automatically make cycling on the sidewalk illegal even if there aren’t any pedestrians using that sidewalk?

    Would really appreciate clarity on these matters as I only have my bike and taking it out for a ride meant being slapped with hefty fines.

    1. Hi Danteg, unfortunately one of the side effects of this fast developing city is new rules that may not have been fully thought out or developed. Actual copies of laws can be hard to find and how they are implemented can be variable and open to interpretation. In time these laws or the infrastructure will be modified, but for now we are stuck with them, probably best to say off the pavement whenever possible

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