Dubaicyclist is an independent look at cycling in Dubai, with no affiliation to any of the groups or bike shops. Our aim is to inform on how to start road cycling and then get the best out of cycling in Dubai, saving costs where possible as well as promoting clubs and retailers that give back to the community.

The Blog front page will be updated with any interesting local news, articles and races. Also content from around the web that we think might be of interest to you.

Dubaicyclist  was created by Crank, a late harvest cycling enthusiast who took up the sport during the spring of 2013.  Crank’s full time job is sitting in a big aluminium tube, trying to avoid tempting treats, road cycling has become the perfect antidote to the day job.  Crank also has a chequered history of competing in cars and motorbikes, generally racing himself to the finish.  Academically challenged, with the memory of a goldfish, he still manages a reasonable good grasp of most mechanical or technical things.


While much reading and research has gone into garnering a good understanding of most aspects of road cycling, no one here claims to be an expert.  Just reasonably informed enthusiasts.  So like all information gleaned from the internet, filter opinion and information accordingly and come to your own conclusions.

Note, we may have borrowed content or media from your site, if you feel sensitive or offended about that, please contact us and it will be removed immediately. Or better yet, add your Dubai cycling experiences to our website!

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