15 Creative Ways to Hang Up Your Bike

Love to ride your bicycle, but never know where to put it when you get home? Perhaps you leave it in the hallway and have to fumble with it just to get to your closet, or maybe you lock it up outside your apartment with the constant worry that it might get stolen? Well, as it turns out, your gorgeous bike is more than ready to double as wall art, and these 15 bike racks will help you get it done. 

1. Two Bike Gravity Stand ($75): This is a great option for renters because you simply lean it against the wall. The stand itself is then stable enough to store two bikes.

2. The Original “Bike Shelf” ($299): Care for a few books with your bike? This gorgeous handcrafted shelf is almost a work of art.

3. DIY Wood Plaque Racks: Not that kind of plaque, silly! This treats your bike like the chariot it really is. (via Mini Penny Blog)

4. Rack and Knob Bike Rack ($134): The price of this may look a little steep for how minimal it is but it is pretty ideal for folks who live in a small space. The rack hooks onto knobs on your wall and is easy to take off when not being used, meaning you don’t always have a random rack jutting out of your wall.

5. Handle Bar Bike Rack: Now this is some clever repurposing. Turn an old pair of handlebars into an on the wall bike rack! (via Kyle the Wilson)

6. Bike Rack Birdhouse ($195): How quirky and cute is this little number? It’s a kit that takes just 10 minutes to put together.

7. Recycled Cardboard Bike Rack ($85): This cool doodad takes recycled cardboard and stacks it right up to create a surprisingly sturdy bike rack. We wonder how easy this one would be to recreate with a little help from Home Depot.

8. $4 Ikea Hack Bike Rack: We do love us a good Ikea hack. This bit of ingenuity involves a few cheap items from Ikea, and could be customized or painted for even more style points.  (via The Designer Co-Op)

9. White Tube Rack ($65): On the more avant garde side of things, we have this unusual tube shaped rack. We’re not quite sure how this mounts onto your wall but we’re digging the minimalism.

10. Hanging Pallet Rack: We love everything about this space, and how the bikes seem to fit seamlessly into the decor. The orange walls are particularly awesome. (via Chris Shutter on Flickr)

11. Bedford Ave Bike Rack (contact for pricing): How cool is this triangular shelf? We’re not sure we’d leave our bike unlocked hanging on a rack on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, but this would be great in a home or back patio.

12. Reclaimed Wood Wall-Mounted Rack ($95): Made from reclaimed wood, this blocky rack actually looks good even without a bike.

13. Used Bicycle Rack ($259): Another one made from repurposed bike materials, this uses a seat for padding your bike and handlebars for hanging. And it also looks kind of like a moose head when there’s no bike hanging from it.

14. Floor to Ceiling Oak Rack ($124): This floor-to-ceiling rack makes it easy to install a rack anywhere in your home without doing any permanent damage to the wall.

Source: 15 Creative Ways to Hang Up Your Bike | Brit + Co

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